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    New Albany Real Estate

    Beautiful New Albany, located just northeast of Columbus, Ohio, is one of the most desirable suburbs in Ohio and it’s easy to see why! New Albany’s elegantly planned community and classic homes are only part of the reason that Ohio Magazine named New Albany the “best hometown” in 2018-2019. The cities incredible schools, parks and entertainment opportunities have created a thriving neighborhood, sure to make anyone feel at home.


    New Albany’s commitment to education shows through their unique and accredited school system. All of New Albany’s schools are located in one central campus location and feature easy access to the Columbus Metropolitan Library as well as the McCoy Center for the Arts. Every school in the district has been awarded as a National Blue Ribbon school, the only city in Ohio with such an accomplishment. The community of New Albany values education and learning and the school system reflects that commitment in every aspect.


    New Albany’s extensive parks provide abundant sports and recreation options.  Consisting of more than 200 acres of parkland, New Albany parks offer a hub of community events as well as a great accommodations for family gatherings. With 38 baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields and complexes at Bevelhymer Park and Thompson Park providing seven tennis courts and one basketball court, walking trails, playgrounds, pavilions, and concession stands, everyone is sure to find what they’re looking for in the New Albany parks district. New Albany parks department also provides plenty of programs for children and adults, including community basketball, rugby, tennis, volleyball and even pickleball teams! New Albany’s parks, trails, sports and wellness programming are some of the best around and the friendly community is always willing to show them off! Come check out New Albany’s thriving parks.


    The heart of Columbus, Ohio is just a short drive away from New Albany and provides many opportunities for arts and entertainment including concerts, museums, nightlife and high end restaurants. But you don’t need to leave New Albany for incredible arts and leisure pursuits! New Albany’s commitment to arts and culture is unmatched and offers a truly unique experience as a member of the neighborhood. The New Albany community is home to a large branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, the New Albany Symphony Orchestra, Broadway Bound Dance Center, New Albany Ballet Company and the McCoy Center for the Arts.

    At the heart of New Albany’s thriving arts scene is the McCoy Center for the Arts. This center of artistic excellence fosters lifelong learning opportunities and an appreciation of the arts and culture through education, entertainment, participation, and collaboration. The McCoy Center for the Arts anchors New Albany’s creative spirit and hosts some of the most prolific artists and speakers.

    The New Albany Symphony Orchestra was created to be a true community orchestra, in which students are mentored by professional musicians, talented community musicians have a stage on which to perform and professional musicians have an additional outlet for their craft. This  kind of community music program helps to build a truly unique neighborhood built on connection and art.

    For over 25 years the Broadway Bound Dance Center has brought the very best of recreational and competitive dance to New Albany and the cities commitment to dance is also showcased in the New Albany Ballet Company. The New Albany Ballet Company has become the premiere training academy for ballet in Ohio. If you’re a dancer, or just a fan, New Albany is the place for you!

    The community of New Albany offers luxury homes, widespread parks, great schools and endless opportunities for arts, leisure and athletic pursuits. Move in to New Albany today and you’ll understand why this unique town is one of the best neighborhoods in Ohio. Come experience the feel of small-town living with easy access to big-city amenities in gorgeous New Albany.